Monday, July 5, 2010

Random Acts of the 4th!

What a wonderful weekend this has been! Friday night started out with having a dinner date with my Mom...we went to Cinzetti's...which is by far one of our most favorite restaurants ever! :) Their salad is to die for! Saturday night, I had a going away party for 2 of my wonderful friends, Venita and Michelle. Venita is moving to Honduras and Michelle is moving to North Carolina. It was so bittersweet....I'm going to miss them terribly, but I'm so excited for their new endeavors! Sunday church was incredible! Pastor Gleason preached on making right decisions and one quote that Pastor said that stuck out to me was, "The decisions we make today will affect the unborn generation." Soo true...God help us all to make the right decisions in this life and help them to honor You!

After church, Sarah and I decided on a whim (we actually decided late Saturday night) that we were going to go to St watch the fireworks. LOL Yes, we drove 6 hours roundtrip to watch fireworks at the St Louis Arch! And yes, I admit, we are crazy. ha! Our drive up there was so out of control. I think we laughed the whole 3 hour drive. We laughed so hard we cried! We told stories, saw the most random things, and for some reason we thought everything was funny! ha! But it was well needed...our first stop as we got into St Louis, was Fritz'! We just had to get some ice cream and it was amazing! This right here is THE most awesome turtle sundae you could ever have!

Then we headed to our hotel...which was amazing! (Thanks Sarah for using your points!) We got to stay at the Marriott downtown at Union Station!
**Disclaimer** My camera is out of sorts. :( So the pictures of Union Station and the Fireworks are pics I snagged from online...everything else was taken from my cell phone...sorry for the not so good quality. Hoping to get my camera back soon!
This is the outside of Union Station...

This is the lobby of the hotel!! Soo amazing!

This is the view from our room...

Then we headed to the St Louis Arch to watch the fireworks!!

This is Sarah and I as we were waiting for the fireworks to begin!

The fireworks over the Arch were absolutely AMAZING!!! It was SOOO worth driving the 6 hours! I LOVE this holiday...its one of my favorites!! It seriously was one of THE BEST fireworks show ever!!

Afterwards we met up with some friends, Melissa, Tracy, Sara, and Courtney, and we also got to meet all of Melissa's family! We had a blast just hanging out and doing fireworks at Melissa's house! We of course had to get a couple of pictures before we all left! Soo glad I got to see all you ladies!!

From left to right: Courtney, Melissa, Sarah, Me, Tracy, and Sara!

And we decided to do a "sassy" pose!

Then before we left to head back to Kansas City, we met up with my friends, Kristy and Amber, for breakfast before we headed home! It was so good to see them again! And yes, I failed to get a picture with them before we left...maybe next time! :)

This was such a wonderful weekend!!! It was well needed, just to get away from life for a day and not worry about anything. Soooo glad we went!

On a random note, I just have to share how adorable my nieces and nephew looked! (Thanks Robyn....I snagged the pic from you!) :)


Mom2One said...

See...NOW you know why I live vicariously through you right?? Love the pics!!! The marriot is wonderful, but man THE marriot you stayed at is AMAZING! Other than you...I miss frozen custard the most...looks YUMMO!!! Glad you enjoyed your weekend. I can't wait to see you next month(ish). LOL There are LOTS of good times waiting for us girl!! And...does this mean since your friend is moving to NC you'll be visiting more often?? I'm fine with that if so... =)

Mom2One said...

I've awarded you with a blog award! Check it out @

Thank you for being one of my VERY best friends. I love you!!! =) Thanks also for blogging with meaning and substance. You rock!

Krista said...

Jen! Girl, I so wished you could have been at that Marriott! It seriously was soo cool! And we definitely must go to Fritz' if we're ever in St Louis at the same time. lol I so can not wait to see you in a "month(ish)". LOL I need some good quality girl and Auntie time!! Btw...thank you so much for the Blog Award! That was so sweet!! Thank You for being one of MY very best friends! The world is a much better place because of you! You're the best!! Love you!