Friday, July 2, 2010

Power of One - Memphis

Power of One was incredible once again! We were privileged to go to Memphis last weekend for Singles Conference. I can not even begin to explain how amazing it was. The services were amazing! The day sessions rocked! God spoke to me many different times…everything was exactly where I’m at right now! God knows exactly what you need at the exact time you need it! Not only were the services amazing, but we got to see so many friends! But can you believe…I didn’t take any pictures?! We got to see a lot of our friends we met on our recent cruise! And met some new ones! So, I’m “borrowing” some pictures that some friends took! We had a wonderful time!

Our first stop was Lamberts! Home of the Throwed Rolls!

Inside Lamberts...

Sara already found her a man! ;)

Waiting to be seated...Sarah, Courtney, and Martez...who knows what was so funny...:)

haha this picture cracks me up! Yep, fixing to throw one of those delish rolls!

We got a roll...or two! :)

Mmmm fried okra! Said with the most southern accent I could find. :)

The first night...Melissa and Sara
Scott and Paula
Tracy and Jonathan
Dave....being....Dave. lol

Courtney and Myself

The second night...hanging out at Buffalo Wild Wings... Jacki, Julie, and Melissa

Jeremy, Tracy, and Rachel

Only part of the group...
The other half...


Melissa and Tracy....Tracy got "Kristified" that night! :)

The last night...Rudy and Paula
Sara, Melissa, and Paula
Paula and Jeremy

Me and Melissa....poor Jonathan...I think we made him take this picture at least 27 times. LOL Martez and Paula
Courtney, Bea, Tracy, and Melissa
Rudy, Sara, and Jonathan

Me and Paula
Courtney, Bea, Tracy, Melissa, Sarah, Paula, and Sara

Me and Shannon

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