Monday, July 26, 2010

Photo Shoot with Ashlyn!

It's been a busy week with my niece here....but we've had a lot of fun! Tonight after work, my niece Ashlyn and I decided to go out and take advantage of the sun being we decided to do a quick photo shoot! I wanted to take her to "the beach" at the Lake by our house...granted its not THE real beach, but works right?! :) But when we got there the gate was already closed, so maybe we can do that another time. We ended up finding another cool place at the edge of the lake. So, hope you enjoy our results! :) Ashlyn is such a natural at posing for the camera...and not to mention the fact that she is absolutely beautiful!! But I'm a bit partial! ;) I Love You, Ash!!

She looks like a Star!! She's MY Star! :)

I love her beautiful smile!

I love this picture of her!

These next three pictures, I absolutely adore of her! They look so vintage-y! LOVE them!

So apparently she was having more fun than I thought...hehe :)

This is a typical picture of Ashlyn...she is always reading something! :)


Mom2One said...

Ashlyn is gorgeous!!! She looks just like her mom. =) Girl...I MISS you!!!!!!!!!! It's Thursday, so we'll catch up tonight. Can't wait to talk to you!! *HUGS*

Krista said...

Thanks! She does look just like her mom!! I MISS you too! Can't wait to talk to you! Love you!