Thursday, July 29, 2010

Adventure around Downtown KC

Ashlyn and I had another adventure Downtown Kansas City today. I had the afternoon off work so we headed Downtown to see what kind of trouble a niece/aunt could get themselves into....oops...I mean fun trouble! hehe

We first went to Crown Center...

Then walked "The Link" over to Union Station...

Passing through The Link...

We also saw Liberty Memorial...

Walking through The Link...Ash decided to climb on some of the beams and have a seat. lol

We finally made it outside to Union Station...(yes they have a big dinosaur exhibit here right now lol).

The huge clock outside of Union Station

Inside of Union Station....I LOVE this looks so old-school...but love it!

So serious...yet so beautiful!

Look at this gorgeous girl!!

I adore this picture!

Made a visit to the Amtrack part of Union Station...

Inside the waiting room...

Still inside the waiting room at Amtrack-Union Station...Love this!!

The ceiling of Union!

Love this big clock!

Inside Union Station

As we were headed home, we stopped by an old Train Depot and decided to take a few more pics. Surprise, huh? :)

She's so photogenic!

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