Monday, July 12, 2010

Post-Wedding Fun

After the wedding...most of our family went to eat at Cinzetti's! It's only the best restaurant...and it was fun getting to visit with everyone!

Uncle Paul and Uncle Wayne

What sisters do and laugh! Aunt Betty and Mom

Uncle Charles and Dad

Lydia, Kara and Mark

Kenan, Victoria, Kylan, Kathy and Kevin

Brent and his friend Kayla

Victoria, Kylan, and Kathy

Lenae and Luke

Aunt Ruth Ann

Sunday after church we all went to McAlister's Deli! And...of course, we had to take more pictures! :)
Paulette and Uncle Wayne

Me and Mom

Me and Uncle Wayne

Uncle Wayne and Uncle Paul

3 of the 5 that was there on Sunday...Uncle Wayne, Mom, and Uncle Paul

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