Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Market Square

This past weekend was a BLAST! You can't go wrong when you're spending time with those you love, right?! It was filled with making memories, laughing, Auntie "Dista" time, shopping, driving through the mountains, and just spending some quality time with one of my best friends!

Jen, I am so thankful for your friendship. God definitely knew what He was doing when He placed you in my life. You are one of THE sweetest people I know and I can't tell you enough how much I just love your beautiful self! Thank You for...everything. Thank You for your constant support, your encouragement, your realness, for just being You!...YOU mean the world to me! :) Love you girl!

After I arrived in the beautiful state of Tennessee...Jen, Bradyn, and I headed to Knoxville to see what Market Square was all about. LOVED it! Quaint little square with shops, cafes, a park....what's not to love?

Walking into Market Square...notice the guy on the right sporting his Orange! :)

Love love loved the square!

So many cool shops!!

And lots of cafe's!

I really like this window for some reason....and they are really sporting their

Love this! Such a cool area!

The fountains were really cool...Bradyn loved looking at them!

The Tomato new favorite cafe! Thanks Jen!

The Tomato Head...I LOVE this European looking! :)

My sweet friend, Jennifer, and my bubby, Bradyn! :) Love them!

My yummy southwest chicken salad...forgot to take a picture of Jen's yummy!

After we left Market Square, we hit the mall up to do some more shopping. Bradyn is such a GOOD little shopper!!! Seriously...I've never seen a little one love to shop as much as he does. :) And of course we had to let Bubs have a little play time. lol He is so adorable! He kept saying, "My turn, Mom?" :)

...More pics to come...


Mom2One said...

Market square is absolutely one of my MOST favorite places in Knoxville. Every time I go there, I think of you. =) I'm SO glad I have a friend that is a "Tomato Head" fan. I just love fresh healthy food. Brady seriously "cringes" every time I mention that I want to eat there. Haha! I had an absolute blast hanging out with you! I miss you SO bad! I'm going to "lift" these pictures from your blog and blog about them myself. =) What a wonderful weekend we shared together. Love you!

Krista said...

I LOVED Market Square!! We definitely have to go there again....and Tomato Head was def a hit!! :) I had such a wonderful time hanging out with you too!! So glad I got to share these memories with you!! Love you and miss you BAD!!!