Thursday, October 7, 2010


...I find them....VERY entertaining!!! LOL

Seriously?! If you have never gone to "people watch" at the airport...I highly recommend it. :) Airports never let me down when I need a good laugh. That's exactly what happened this weekend...or every time really...but when I was coming back home from Tennessee on Monday, I was sad and really needed a good 'pick me up'. All I had to do was look around. :)

I saw an older guy with a big white beard sporting a Santa Claus hat! Yes, folks, thats right...It's the beginning of October and he was definitely sporting his CHRISTMAS! Now, I'm all about Christmas...but that was a little much. LOL Granted, he could have passed for Santa Claus with his size and beard and all but the crazy sandals and SOCKS to go with it...not so much. I don't mean to make fun...but it definitely made me chuckle...inside of course. :)

Then there was a group of guys traveling together. They looked to be in their early 30's maybe? They all looked pretty 'normal' except for 1 or 2...why is there always an odd one in the bunch? LOL He had spiked hair, dressed pretty fab, a crazy chain belt, and proudly sporting black finger nail polish...yep...he did. Interesting to say the least. So much so that when we were all boarding the plane, after those guys boarded, the ticket lady said, "Is there a rock concert going on in Kansas City or something?" Everybody was like "No, I don't think so"....she said, "Hmmm...yall might have a 'fun' flight." LOL

Then you have the variety of people ranging from those on business trips to those going for pleasure...and trust me....there are ALL kinds in between. :)

Ha! Well, I hope you were able to at least crack a smile while you're reading this. :) It's very entertaining to say the least. :)

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