Sunday, October 10, 2010

Friends + The Country Club Plaza

What's not to love about The Plaza?!?! :) If you've never been to the Kansas City Country Club MUST be on your Bucket List! :)

Last night our friend Melodie was in town for the evening from Arkansas and Sarah and I met up with her for dinner. I just love hanging out with friends! :)

First things first....dinner! :) We went to Margarita's in Downtown Kansas City...they have the BEST Mexican food!! :)

They have the best Margarita (white cheese) Dip ever!!

Spinach Dillas! yummy!

After dinner, we somehow gave Sarah a new nickname...which is worthy of blogging about. It was hilarious and I don't even remember exactly what happened...but we saw a sign that said "Thomas" and it was brought up in question as to why the 'H' is silent...and Sarah said 'Hey, don't knock it, it's silent in my name too." That's all it took...we started calling her SaraHA! LOL Yep. It stuck. :) We finally made it to the Plaza to walk around and enjoy a BEAUTIFUL evening out! We LOVE walking around down there! Our first for SaraHA to get some....

Topsy's Popcorn!...another Kansas City tradition!

Walking along the streets of the Plaza...and LOOK! It's a "mini Bealle Street"! haha!

Walking along the Plaza...

The shops usually close early down there, but there were a few open here and there. We found a seasonal Christmas store which had a lot of cool things! This is the window version...LOVE it!

I adore these chandalier lamps!

They had some really cool stuff inside...yet some very interesting things....such as this hat! LOL

Here's a close up version for ya! Looks like I should belong in Russia. haha

Yep...made Mel get in on the action people really buy these?!?! This one had ears and everything. LOL

After getting some yummy Starbucks...which btw, their Pumpkin Spice Latte is THE BEST!! Then we went and found a fountain to sit by and did a little people watching while we did what we do best....laughing. At anything and everything! :)

Mel and I

Mel, SaraHA, and I!

Friends + pumpkin spice latte + kc fountains + beautiful weather = a perfect evening!


Anonymous said...

Love your night shots of the Plaza....what kind of camera do you have?

Jennifer Springer

Krista said...

Thanks Jennifer! I have a Nikon Coolpix camera right now...but I'm hoping to get another camera before too long.