Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tennessee Continued...

I honestly ADORE this fab picture!!! In life, you have those that you call acqaintances, you have those you call friends, you have those select few you can call best friends. I'm so thankful that Jen is one that I can honestly say is one of my very best friends. So thankful for her realness. It's hard to find friends that you can ...honestly kick back, relax, and truly be yourself with and not worry about a thing. Thank You Jen for your friendship! You mean the world to me!! So glad you're apart of my life! Love you and Miss you!!!!

Sorry this picture is a little blurry. I love this Auntie moment...Bradyn fell asleep in the car, as I was carrying him into the house, he just snuggled right into me...LOVE him!!! Of course I took full advantage of holding and snuggling with him. :) Sunday was full of awesome should check it out at First Apostolic Church. I was also able to see some other friends of mine...and went to eat with them but I forgot to pull out my camera. Maybe next time! :) Miss yall! Monday was a sad day as I had to leave to come back home...but we were able to get in a little more "fopping" (shopping) in. And some play time in with Bradyn.

He loves playing with balls!! And he adores playing "peek a boo"! I LOVE this picture!!! Awe...Jen and Bradyn. :) Bradyn said, "Mom, tunnel!" haha So needless to say they are both in the tunnel...I love the fact that they get to spend quality time together! :)

Before we left for the airport Bradyn was running giving me "kissies and huggies" saying "It's MY Dista!" I loved hearing him say that! I love that little boy so much!!

Here is a little video of him having "Auntie Dista" time! :) He makes my heart smile!

I just realized that I didn't get any pictures of Brady and Jen together...definitely will have to next time!

You can see Jen's version on her blog, here.

That's it for now! Hope yall have a great week!

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