Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Drive through the Mountains...

Saturday was a blast! We decided to get up and take a drive through the BEAUTIFUL Smoky Mountains!!! It's beyond breath-taking! It's still a week or two early for the fall leaves, but it was still just as gorgeous. You definitely have a "God-moment" when your in the mountains....only HE could make something as beautiful as that! Bradyn with his "sunnies" on. :)

I love the fact that you can see the mountains all the way around the city! So pretty! Driving towards the mountains! :) We made it to the Great Smoky Mountains!! :)
A view of Pigeon Forge!

Up close view of Pigeon the Space Needle! :)

Seriously?? Is there anything more beautiful? Definitely had a "God-moment" when you look out across this beautiful site. He's an amazing artist! :)

A few of the leaves were starting to turn!

Yep, thats right...we crossed into North Carolina!! But not for long...we had to get back so we could finish listening to the football game! LOL Love ya, Jen!! :)

I love this picture!!!

Awe, so thankful for friends you can call family. :)

Love my sweet friend!

haha this picture cracks me up! We were trying to kiss him on the cheeks and he was loving every minute of it! He loves kisses. I was having issues taking the pictures and looks like I caught it mid kiss. LOL Oh well...its cute anyway. :)

There we go! Finally got one. Love this picture!! This boy is definitely Loved!!

Sweet picture!!

So pretty! This is as close as we could get to the water at this point. Next time maybe it'll be warmer and we can actually get our feet in. :)

Love them!! Bradyn was showing us a leaf he had!

Driving through Gatlinburg on the way back! So a cool town! It reminded me a lot of Branson....but a lot "cooler". lol

Yep, sporting the Orange again. Go VOLS! LOL (Jen, that was for you!) :)

I loved how they had everything looking SO fall'ish!!

LOL! This makes me laugh...

Seriously...this pumpkin was HUGE...ok so it wasn't real, but really was cool though. :)

And to end the day, we just "HAD" to stop the Tanger Outlets and do some "fopping" (As Bradyn calls it). Thats what girls do best, right?! :)

Pumpkin Spice Latte + Tennessee Mountains + Friends + Football + Shopping + a fall-ish day = a Perfect Saturday!

You can see Jen's version of the day, here, on her blog. :)

...Stay tuned - more pics to come!...


Mom2One said...

Ha! I love your perspective on hunters orange now. LOL Your famiy in Louisiana will not like me after last weekend. Ha! YOU'RE such a good sport,becauase all weekend I was like "Go VOLS!! Beat LSU!!", and I totally forgot that you have family down there pulling for the purple and gold!!! Loved all the pictures! Sometime today I'll "lift" them...haha! I'll let you know if it doesn't work, pretty sure it will. *HUGS* Love you!

Krista said...

LOL!! My family will still love you even though you don't like LSU. And honestly...that was wrong of them....just sayin. :) *HUGS* Love you!!!