Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weston Red Barn Farm

This afternoon we finally went and did something "fall-ish"! And lets just was an afternoon to never forget. LOL Saraha and I drove up to Weston and went to Weston Red Barn Farm. Its such a cool place...with very interesting people. lol Of course when we are together, we seem to always find the "funny" things. :) But that makes life interesting right? Weston is a very small community but there are a TON of people that go to the Red Barn Farm. We drive up and welcomed by...

This AWESOME truck!! Saraha thought I was crazy...but I just LOVED this truck! It's vintage-y...maybe thats why.

As we were driving up to the actual farm...we were "greeted" with people coming to their cars with wheel barrows full of HUGE pumpkins...and we were thinking we didn't come quite prepared. LOL Then we saw this random guy (who worked there) and he was smiling big time and waving at Saraha...come to find out Saraha had moved her hand and he thought she was waving at him. LOL Sorry Mister.
Welcome! To Red Barn Farm! Where there were so many people you couldn't hardly walk around. lol Very cool place though! And...the weather was PERFECT!!!

They have so much for kids to do there too...and adults, but the kids love it! They have animals you can pet, hayrides, corn maze, any pony rides!

They also have a country store that you can "check out"...but apparently NO wheelbarrows are allowed inside. LOL

This is inside the "Grocery store". They had baskets galore, TONS of apple butters, pumpkin butter, sweet potatoe butter, jams, jellies, vegetables, soaps, dishes, pancake and dip name it.

Love this picture...

Canned veggies anyone?

Don't forget the Peach butter!

Saraha is not right....she said, "Hey look Kris...that gourd is almost as tall as you!" LOL

Walking around to see what else we can discover...and this is what we found. ha!

Their pumpkin patch was amazing!! They had just about every type of pumpkin and guord you could possibly want! The pumpkins were H-U-G-E!!!

They also had lots of food and drinks you could purchase! Complete with Apple Slushies and Apple Cider! YUM!!

And they have a big apple orchard too!

Okay...remember the guy earlier that was waving whole heartedly to Saraha? Well, after we left the Barn, we went "across the street" to their other country store...and this was the greeter sign. We named that guy "Vaughn". LOL And as we were said, "Have an Apple Day!" Ha! They definitely knew how to get your attention. :) Or at least we had fun with it. lol

We then decided to "take a drive" around know its so big and all. LOL Needless to say we got quite a few laughs as we were driving around. But then again, it doesn't take much to amuse us. :) Such as....the police dept and the jail. Really?! LOL Hopefully this is the historic one and they have a much bigger one in another part of town. That is seriously what it consisted of. LOL

Loving these fall leaves!

We took this picture just for you, Mel!!! LOL You just can't get away from tHomas! ;)

On the main strip...

Many laughs later...we decided we wanted to grab something to eat so we stopped at the local Irish restaurant...their food was delish!!!

Then on the way home, since I was already Downtown KC...I just HAD to stop at my FAVORITE spot in Kansas City! The sun was just setting and had to capture this perfect moment. *sigh* :)

My FAVORITE spot in Kansas City!!!!!!
So, there you have it. The most interesting day that will never be forgotten. LOL


Mom2One said...

I love Weston! =) We've taken mom and dad there before and they really seemed to like it as well. I think we've actually ate at that lil' Irish joint. *YUMMO* The leaves are finally starting to turn here...and it's GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! Sounds like you had a fun weekend!

Krista said...

Yeah it really is a neat little town. The food at the Irish joint was DELISH!! Not gonna lie...kinda jealous that its so pretty there and I can't see it! It's pretty here too but you know......:)