Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Walk with Dad!

I love getting to take walks with my Dad! Love sharing that Father-Daughter time with him. :) He's been going faithfully to walk at Lake Jacomo...and I finally was around long enough to go with him. :) It's definitely not the Smoky Mountains...but it was still pretty! :) Here are a few pictures from our walk after church today! The leaves were starting to turn and it was just so beautiful!!

"Horse-Apple" anyone? LOL That seriously kinda grosses me

This bridge is so cool!!

Heart-shaped leaves!! How cool is that?! :)

Oh...and just a side-note: Sad the Chiefs lost today. They were 4-0 until today and they lost agains the Colts. But I still say, GO RED!! Woohoo! On another note, Mizzou won again...and are 5-0! YEAH! Jen, I'm still rooting for Big Orange for you! Maybe next game will be better! :)


Mom2One said...

How sweet is this post? Seriously! Your dad is a really blessed guy to have such sweet daughters. These pics are awesome! I kind of want to go there next time I'm in town. I need to stay in KC for about six There's SO much I wanna do...

p.s. Thanks for rooting the big orange for me...makes me love you even more. lol

Krista said...

Awe, thanks sweet friend! Girl...that would so RAWK if you stayed here for 6 months..but I won't get my hopes up. lol Next time you come, we'll have to plan some cool stuff to do! Oh...and I'll always root for the big orange...just for you! :)