Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My SURPRISE Birthday Party!!

So in the midst of all the "hub-bub" of planning my Dad's retirement party...little did I know that my sister was also planning a SURPRISE birthday party for my up and coming 30th birthday!! Wow...talked about being SURPRISED!! Especially since my birthday is a month away! My sister is...amazing!!! I seriously had NO idea that she planned all that! You can view her side of the story here. It was a New York theme called "Upper East Side Chic" was perfect...and so "me"!! Everything was Black, White, & Green...LOVED it all!!!

So we were planning on going to a friends house for dinner after church on Sunday. No big deal, right? Well, when I walked in there was 50 people singing Happy Birthday to me!! I was speechless and didn't quite know what to do with myself. I do not enjoy being the center of attention so I was kinda embarrassed. lol This was when I first walked in. I was like "what in the hay is going on?" LOL

But then my brother in law, Jeff, pulls me around the corner and to my surprise one of my best friends, Melodie, was there and had driven up from Arkansas!! So overwhelmed!

And not only that but one of my very dear friends Marcia, her husband Tony, and one of their daughters Mikelle, were standing there!! I hadn't seen Marcia in about four years and they had driven up here all the way from Georgia!!! Yep, you guessed it. By this point I was crying! I still can't believe they drove all the way up here! It meant so much to me that Melodie and them drove all that way just to surprise me!!

Come to find out my sister had invited a TON of friends from different states and some friends from St. Louis, Minnesota, Tennessee, and Oregon were supposed to come but it didn't work out at the last minute...which is totally understandable. But just the thought that my awesome friends even thought about comimg all that way just to surprise me makes me feel so loved!
Marcia and I

Then I turn around and see the AMAZING display that my sister put together! It was
P-E-R-F-E-C-T!! This made turning the big "3-0" not so bad...okay well, at least right now. teehee

I LOVE all the little details!

She knows I don't like chocolate, so she did everything in white cake/white chocolate! She's so good to me! :)

I loved the "Happy Birthday, Krista" Banner!

I adore this background!! She knows how much I love the city, especially New York City...or any big city really...BUT....she also knew I'm redecorating my room and she made this out of wood (thanks to Jeff for cutting it out for her) and it will be my new headboard! YAY!! I'll be sure to post pictures once I get my room finished.

Love lanterns!

The cupcakes were amazing! I LOVE the tags on them!

I loved the tags on the plasticware too! :) The salad and fetticine was delish!

The cucumber, cheese, tomatoe and olive kabobs were wonderful!
The McDaniels, Byron and Ragen, Mike, and Jared.

Nicole, Reegan, Crystal and Justin!
My dearies!! Ree-gan and Crys-tal!

My other dearies! Andrea and Melodie!

Me and Mel with my other dearie Michelle!

Jared, Michelle and Mom, Justin with Sissy, and Katelyn with Sissy (Noelle)

Ashlyn and Mikelle, Aunt Ruth Ann-Melody-and Andrea, Byron and Ragen, and Bethany

Melody, The Smalleys, Mel & I, and Crystal

Mom and I, Ashlyn and Jeff, Robert, and Nathan

Byron, Mike, McDaniels, Larmies, Andrea, and everybody waiting for me to come in the door. Marcia/Andrea/and I talking. Dad. The Smalleys and Uncle Paul.

Crystal and Michelle. Mel with Sissy.
Nicole and Robert
Time to open presents! Got a ton of cards and gift cards! Me with the Harveys and my dearie Andrea! Can't wait to have a spa day with Andrea to celebrate our birthdays together! :)

The most amazing shoes that I adore! Thank you Harveys!!! You know me well! :)

The most amazing purse from Melodie! Thank You! Love it!

Pictures from the Photo Booth will be posted in the next post...Stay tuned!


Mom2One said...

Your sister is amazing! "Amazing-nes" must run in your family...just saying! =) I SO wish I could have been there. I miss you SO much!! Love ya!!!

Robyn said...

Awwwwwwwwww - I am SO GLAD YOU LOVED IT!!! AND SO GLAD THAT I WAS ABLE TO SURPRISE YOU!!!!! :) teeheehee It was so fun to plan for you!