Monday, November 29, 2010

Ice Cream Date

My Uncle Wayne and I have a tradition that every time we get together - we must go get some ice cream! After all it is a dairy product right?! Teehee! :) So, while I was in Louisiana...guess what?! We just HAD to go get ice cream! :) It was so much fun getting to hang out with him and my Mom. He is so silly and LOVES to have a good time!!!

Uncle W is trying to steal some of my ice cream! lol


I loved these cute little sayings they had on the wall!

My Uncle and my Mom love to have a good time. Ok so my Uncle loves to be silly. See if you can notice anything "different" about the picture on the left. ha! Then on the uncle was being about sibling love! :)


Mom2One said...

That's precious! =) Your mom is so pretty.

Krista said...

Awe thanks...I think so too.:)