Saturday, November 27, 2010

"God Bless America"

This past Tuesday as my Mom and I were starting out to drive to Louisiana for the Thanksgiving holiday, we had started out a little later than planned and we had only gotten about 20 minutes down the road when traffic came to a complete stop. Really? I'm not gonna lie, I was kinda aggravated, but my Mom so gently reminded me that you never know what God may be keeping us from down the road. (So true!) Just a few minutes later, a couple of people came walking down the road handing out a piece of paper signed by the Chief of Police. Come to find out, we were about to witness a Community that had come together to honor a Solider that had lost his life fighting in Afghanistan.

That day, November 13, 2010, Corporal Jacob R Carver of Freeman, Missouri, was laid to rest. He was a soldier of the United States Army and was deployed to Afghanistan. He was 20 years old and died of injuries sustained when an insurgent suicide bomber detonated a vest bomb and struck his unit.

A short time later traffic began to move and we looked over and saw where the funeral had been taking place. There were soldiers and flags everywhere.

My heart sank. But at the same time, my heart swelled. I felt sorrow for this family that lost their dear loved one but at the same time, I was so thankful for his service to help provide freedom to the United States of America, it made me proud.

As we started driving more, I realized just how much the WHOLE community had come out to show their support! I seriously have NEVER seen anything like this before!

There were TONS of people with FLAGS everywhere.
It seriously brought tears to my eyes and made me PROUD to be an AMERICAN!!!

The further we drove...the more flags there were...and bigger ones too!

I am so glad that we were able to experience this. I thank God for our soldiers. I pray for their protection and thank God for the freedom that we have in this country.

God Bless the USA!!!


Anonymous said...

That's amazing!!!

Robyn said...

That's amazing!!!!