Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Visit to the E.R.

Wow...what a day this has been already! My Mom woke me up about 5:30 this morning saying we needed to rush my Dad to the ER and they thought he was having a stroke! What a way to get woke up! We got to the hospital about 6:15, thankfully my Mom called ahead and they had someone practically waiting on him. They immediately took him back to the room. They did several tests and we thought we were going to have to transfer to a different hospital to run tests to make sure it wasn't an aneurysm. The Doc finally came in shortly and said we weren't going to have to transfer and that she ruled out a stroke! Come to find out he had a severe inner ear issue and they gave him some meds to help him stabalize his balance. We got home about 1:00 and Dad is resting. He can't go back to work until Monday since they don't want him driving.

There were SOOO many people praying! I just want to say THANK YOU for ALL of your prayers, calls, facebook messages, and texts!!! GOD answered our prayers and I am so thankful for this!!! A special thank you goes out to Pastor Gleason for coming up to the hospital and praying with Dad! Also to my cousin, Paulette, for coming up there and being with us and for your constant support (thankful for the water and snacks too! lol)...Love you cuz! Thank You Jesus for all you've done!!

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