Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Lovely Florida :)

So, I'm finally getting a chance to upload my pictures from Florida and the's going to take a little while to get them all uploaded (will be posting several different posts) so bear with me. :) I took almost a 1000 pictures, so I'll just post the highlights from the trip. :)

I flew down to Orlando the Friday before my cruise and was able to get with some family friends of ours that I haven't seen since I was 14! They picked me up in Orlando, which is a couple hours from where they on the way back to their beautiful home, we stopped by the famous and beautiful Daytona Beach! We even got to see the famous race-tracks! That place is H U G E!!!

We walked along the beach for a few minutes then went to meet some of my friends for dinner!

It was sooo good to see Ryan, Lisa, and little Rylee man!! I grew up with Ryan and also went to Gateway College with him and his now wife Lisa! They have the most adorable little boy! They are evangelists and just happened to be in the same area at the same time! It was soo good to get caught up with them! (I had my camera on the wrong setting, so the picture is a little bright lol)

After dinner, we went to St. Augustine for a little while. We walked around the old fort, drove around the town (which is awesome, btw!), and also went on a horse/carriage ride! LOVED IT!!
This is the old lighthouse (which still works) that we saw!

I loved the sunset that night! It was absolutely beautiful!! And all the palm trees....Oh My!! I LOVED it!!

This is part of the sidewalk thats made out of shells! How cool is that?!
Simply beautiful!

Looking at part of the old fort in St. Augustine.

Before we left St. Augustine, we took a horse/carriage ride through the town. It was absolutely LOVELY!! (my camera has been giving me fits, so some of these pics may be a little blurry)

This picture was taken on Saturday before I left for Miami. I was soo glad I got to see Vernon and Sibyl Coombs! I've known them since I was born, and even though the visit was short, it was wonderful getting to see them! :) Love you guys! :)

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