Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

Better late than never right?! lol I hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday! It was quite the busy weekend for me! As you saw in a previous post we went to MOYC on Friday night, Saturday was filled with sleeping in (which was very MUCH needed), and running errands for my soon coming cruise! Sunday was busy with church, family and friends! I have no complaints! :) After all, God is good, right?! :)

Here are a few pictures of TLC Vertical Praise Choir during service! "Hosanna!"

We had a great alter call and 2 people got baptized!!

After church, I went out to lunch with some of my amazing friends! Dad ended up having to work overtime yesterday, so we were going to do our family thing when he got home. Lunch was great! We went to The Elephant Bar! That was the fastest lunch we've ever had...NOT! lol

After lunch I headed home to spend some time with Mom and Dad. We didn't do a Easter dinner this year, but I did make Mom and Dad a peach cobbler for dessert then we played some rounds of Yahtzee! We love that game! It was a lot of fun and believe it or not, there were lots of yahtzees that were rolled! hehe!!

Here are a few pictures that we took after our game. :)

Mom and their non-church Easter clothes! ha!

Me with Mom and Dad

Here are a few pictures that Mom took of Muah...

Here is a sneak peak of my Easter shoes! :) Well...ok...I have to admit that I've had these shoes for about 5 years but this was the first time I've worn them! lol

The sunset was absolutely beautiful yesterday!!! Made a perfect ending to a wonderful day!


Mommy 2 One Angel said...

LOVE the pictures of you! They're awesome! Your easter shoes did not dissapoint! Ha! You have great taste in shoes. I also incorporated something that I have had in my closet for 5+ years into my easter outfit. I love being resourceful!! =0) Glad you had a great easter!!!

Krista said...

Awe, thank you!! :) Isn't it awesome to pull old stuff out and use it again? I was very glad that I finally found something to go with those shoes. ha!