Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 1: On Ship

So today is THE day that we've all been anxiously awaiting!!! We are all so ready to soak in some lovely sun rays, relax, get away from life, and just enjoy time with and old! :) I wasn't supposed to take this picture, but I snapped one anyway...(shhhh lol). This is as we were in line to board the ship at the Port of Miami...going through security. And yes...I had to get hand searched...AGAIN! Why does this always happen to me? lol This is the view of Miami from our balcony room on the 7th deck! Look at all that luggage! This is our couch (my bed) and Venita's bed came out of the ceiling! lol This was the other half of the room...Joy and Sarah's beds...our room was crazy small for 4 people...we each had 2 suitcases plus beach we had about 12 bags in there to trip over! ha! Another view of Miami from the ship Venita and I at our "mustard" station H...remember...Life Boat 26! We ran back to our cabin for a few minutes! This is Sarah, Joy, and Venita enjoying our balcony! We ran back up to Deck 9 so we could watch as we sailed away on the deep blue sea!! This is Venita! Me as we are about to sail off! And Sarah... Joy...haha...we were all waving and screaming as we were taking off! Another Carnival ship as we were leaving!

Here is a short video clip as we were leaving the port. Everybody (even from the other ships that were docked) were screaming and yelling...and waving goodbye. We decided to scream BON VOYAGE as we were waving goodbye! LOL Too funny..a moment I will never forget!

Our view at dinner

At dinner the first night...this is salad for the first course

Some kind of pasta with red sauce, and chicken

I don't eat any kind of seafood but I had to get pictures of everything...this is shrimp

Sarah, Venita, and I at our first dinner

Diet Orange sponge was actually really good!

This is the main lobby area of decks 3-5...I LOVED this area!!

Deck 9 outside...loving the big screen!

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