Saturday, April 3, 2010


I can't believe it's that time of year again! We were able to go to the last night of Missouri Youth Convention, last night! It was awesome! It was wonderful seeing 3,000+ young people come together with a heart for God and worship him without being ashamed!!
The theme this year was "Journey".

MoMass sang again this year...this choir has so much talent!! And it's growing! We have over 70 people in MoMass this year!!

Justin saying something before choir sang...

Some of the altos and our rockin' band!! The band rocks!!!

Some of the sopranos

And...some of our tenors!

My girl Ragen rockin it out on her solo! :)

Brother Huntley preaching. I love hearing him preach! We were sitting all the way on the side so the sound wasn't that good..and this was the best view...on the screen. lol

It was so good to see some "old" friends as well as getting to hang out with some of my awesome friends from KC. :) This is Jen and Crystal...Love these gals! :)

Crystal, Me, and Jen. :)

Jen and Ben...up from southern Missouri. :)

Crystal and Justin...

These were all the pics we took last night...but it was so good to be with everyone!! Love you all!! :)

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