Friday, March 12, 2010

Well Needed Laughter

Ok, Ok...I know...I've been a little MIA for a little while. I didn't realize it has been almost TWO weeks since my last post. So, for all of you faithful readers...I'm sorry. Hope you forgive me! ha! It's been a little my spare time, of what little I have, I've been trying to do some Spring cleaning. This means, going through everything! Literally! The closet, paperwork, name it...its getting a good clean out. I'm wondering what I got myself feels really good to be able to get all this done! So, I'm taking a little break and decided to update you in whats going on in my world!

Last weekend was an absolute blast! I didn't get any pictures Friday or Saturday...but both nights I met a different friend for dinner, hung out, and did a little bit of shopping. Well..okay...I did a lot of shopping. LOL But I haven't done that for a long I justified it to get some Spring clothes. lol

Anyways...Sunday after church, I drove up to St. Joseph, MO to meet one of my best friends, Lori, for the evening! She brought her baby, Collin (Sweet Potatoe as she calls him) "home" for a visit. So I definitely had to get with them. Little Collin just 'had' to meet his Auntie K! ;) He is sooo adorable and I just wanted to love on him! How could you not love that adorable face?!

After a little visit with baby Collin, Lori and I left and met up with our friend Christina! Thank You, Debra, for watching Collin! It was a well needed Girls Night! We talked the night away and laughed until we cried! We had dinner at Bandana's BBQ then went to Starbucks for something warm! lol

By this time, it was starting to get a little late, but none of us wanted to leave. It had been forever since we'd seen each other and we were having a blast. Sooo...we got this 'wild' idea to drive around and "find" stuff to take pictures with. LOL Hmmm...I'm pretty sure, street signs were the winner of the night. Random, I know. But, Oh my goodness...thats all that needs to be said about that. LOL We were out of control, but it will be one of those nights where we will talk about it for years! "Remember that night when...?" LOL

JEN...we missed you!!!!!!! We so wished you could have been there with us! We definitely have to plan a Girls Weekend soon! :) we go with the pictures! Please bare with camera wasn't wanting to work very well with the lighting for some some (most) of them are pretty blurry...but it was too funny not to post. Enjoy our craziness! lol
Christina and her "No Parking, This side of Street" sign. LOL Of course we parked on THAT side of the street! haha Good thing there wasn't anyone else around. :)

Lori posing with the parking meter?! HA! Not quite sure why? Maybe to capture the time? haha

STOP! I just HAD to get a picture! Why? I'm not quite sure! haha

Lori and the "Emergency Snow Route" sign...This is perfect since she has lived in New Orleans for the last 4 years! haha

Up close and personal :)

Christina showing off the "Season's Greetings" sign...really?? Is this Christmas in March?? lol

"No Parking OR Standing"...Uh oh....Lori and I are in trouble!!! haha!

Forever Friends!

"Do Not Enter". Enough Said. LOL

Christina showing off her Fireman muscles!

Me striking a pose in the MIDDLE of the street! Good thing there were no cars coming! lol

This one is really blurry....this is Lori sporting the 20 MPH sign! ha!

This picture cracks me up!! I love it! Lori and Christina immitating the sign! lol

This was Lori's favorite! Sporting an open trunk in front of the St Joseph Trunk Company. lol!

These One Way signs will never be the same! lol

And we couldn't leave without getting one of the three of us girls together! As you can see, we had such a random but fun night! Love you girls so much!!! Can't wait till the next time! :) Miss you already!!


Mommy 2 One Angel said... sweet girls! Looks like you had an absolute blast!!! I wish I could have been there. Trust me..I was there in my heart. ;) I can't wait for our girls weekend. =) Love you guys SO much!!

Krista said...

Awe! You WERE definitely there in heart! I felt it! ;) Love you dearly!!