Monday, March 1, 2010

Crystal's Surprise Birthday Party

Oh my word...this was a blast! Saturday was filled with running errands for Justin to pick up everything then we all went to eat Saturday...but she kind of figured that part out. But...what she didn't know is that we were all going to their house to "play games"..when we surprised her and had her house decorated (I snuck in and decorated while they were out and about) and had dessert ready for everyone. The BEST part was when we all got back to the house, they went to park in their garage...while Byron, Ragen, and I ran to the front door (lucky I have a key) and turned off all the lights, and yelled SURPRISE when she walked up the stairs. HAHA!!! I think she jumped about 10 feet! We definitely got lots of laughs this weekend!

Me...the culprit behind all of this...I had just loaded 30 balloons in the backseat of my car. My little Toyota Corolla just about couldn't hold all of those balloons. LOL I was afraid I was going to pop them when I shut the doors. haha

Ragen and I decorated in about 15 minutes. ha! We had 30 balloons since she turned 30. And thanks to Byron for helping hang the birthday banner. lol

The tulips that Justin got Crystal! :) They were beautiful! I arranged them in the vase, but they would not stand up straight! lol

The cupcakes that Justin ordered...Yummy! You can't beat Target cupcakes with buttercream frosting!

The brownie pops that I made especially for Crystal! :)

Byron hanging out while Ragen and I were decorating! ha!

Justin and Crystal! :) I thank God for them!!

Caedyn and Braden having a great time with the balloons! Chad in the corner..not so sure what he's doing...he must be waiting on a cupcake! lol

Noelle and Ragen having a pretty intense conversation LOL

Noelle and Crystal...and Ms. Reegan in the background lol

Caedyn and Crystal

HAHA!! This picture cracks me up. Creestal and Reegan strikin' a pose!

Some of my girls!! Michelle, Crystal, Ragen, Me, and baby Noelle! :)

Me and Noelle

The Botox Family. LOL Byron-e and Reegan...I love their faces. haha! Not quite sure why Noelle is so blurry in this pic. lol

Looks like Justin may have joined the Botox family in this picture. LOL

Birthday hugs...

This was actually taken on Sunday...Crystal's actual birthday. I was holding Noelle while she was sleeping and she woke up and gave the most sweetest smiles ever! Wish her eye wasn't squinty in this pic though. She is so stinkin adorable!

Once again...but this was taken on Sunday after church. :)

Ok seriously...there are NO words to describe how gross this picture is! HAHAHA!!! This picture makes me laugh SOOO hard!!! I literally could not breathe and tears were rolling out of my eyes when I took this picture. "Who am I?" is definitely the caption for this picture. LOL Yeah, we won't go there! HA!!! It's a big inside joke for the gang, but I just had to put this one on there anyway! LOL

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