Friday, March 19, 2010

Noelle's Baby Dedication

Hey Everyone! As you can see, I made it back in town LATE Thursday night. And yes--I did have to work yesterday. But, now that I got some sleep last night, I thought I would take a minute and get this updated.

I didn't get a chance to post this before I left town this week, but last Sunday, Pastor and Sister Gleason dedicated beautiful Noelle Reece to the Lord. It was beautiful! God has so much in store for her and I can't wait to see how God unfolds her life. I love you, Sissy!

Mommy Crystal and Noelle

Sweet Mommy hugs

She's so kissable!!

Look at those big beautiful blue eyes!

Big Brother Caedyn Grant and Little Sissy girl Noelle Reece! She lights up when her big brother is around! And He takes such good care of her!

Look at that beautiful smile!! She's such a happy baby!

Hugs for Mommy!

Auntie K with Caedyn and Noelle

Justin's parents got to come for the dedication!

I love my second family!

Pastor and Sister Gleason praying over Noelle and dedicating her to the Lord.

I love that Noelle is looking at Pastor in this one!

Don't you just want to pinch her little cheeks? Don't worry, I do every time I see her! ha!

Sweet Daddy hugs! I love that she has her hand on his face. So sweet.

She loves her Daddy!


Mommy 2 One Angel said...

Such great pictures! Crystal and Justin are just the sweetest couple with the cutest kids ever!! Goodness I can't believe how fast that Noelle has grown. She's SO cute!!! Can't wait to catch up with you. Maybe tonight after our choir rehearsal. =0) MISS YOU!!!!

Krista said...

Thanks! Right?! She has grown sooo fast! She is 7 months already! Can't believe it!