Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

Happy Birthday, Daddio!!! You're the best!! I love you!!!

I hung out with Mom and Dad all day today. It was a cool and rainy day but that didn't stop us from going out and celebrating today. :)

First stop: Smoke and Fire!

What an awesome store!! It was full of grills, smokers, fireplaces, spices, rubs, oils, cookbooks, dips, cooking pans & utensils, and anything you could possibly imagine ever needing for your grill. My word! It was incredible! I could have stayed in there all day long! lol In fact, I think we were in there for a couple of hours. :)

Then, we went to Cheddars to eat. I forgot to take a picture, so I grabbed one from the web. :)

We've eaten there before but its new to Kansas City, so we decided to do a late lunch so we wouldn't have as long of a wait tonight.

This is the Birthday Boy! :)

Now, THIS is what I call some onion rings! Dad couldn't wait to tear into those! :) And I have to agree...they were really good!

Just a little bit of the yummy goodness we had to eat. :)

After we got home, we had some of Mom and Dad's good friends over to help celebrate!

Mom and Dad!

We celebrated with a Sugar-Free Peach Cobbler that I made for Dad and topped it with Vanilla ice-cream!

Love you Dad!!! Hope you had an amazing day!!

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