Saturday, March 20, 2010

Aunt Bobbie's Funeral

The Homegoing service celebrating the life of Aunt Bobbie was beautiful! My cousins Colin and Kevin along with their Pastor, Bro Dean, did a wonderful job! Despite the circumstances, it was wonderful to get to see all my family. We have a very large family and all but 5 were there! It was so good to have everyone together again. So needless to say, we got lots of pictures with everyone! But I will say my sweet Uncle Wayne, Larry & Michelle, Mike & Charlene, and MaLinda & Colin, and all the kids....we're praying for you. Hang in there and let God be your comforter! Love you all!!

If you're driving through is a MUST that you stop an have some ice cream at Braums. Can someone say Y U M M Y?! :) There is nothing like a Braums ice cream cone!

Made it to Dallas around 1:45 am and picked up my sister Darla and my cousin Kevin from the airport. We decided to stay at a hotel instead of driving all night (thankfully). This is our view of Dallas from our room on the 15th floor! Beautiful! The pic is blurry because I had to take it through the window..our window didn't open so I wasn't able to get a good picture.

Being goofy at 2:30 in the morning. We were up talking and laughing until 4:00 am. It is a night we will never forget. :)

Like I said...we were being goofy! ha!! Kevin cracks me up!

The next day, we finished up our drive to Louisiana, but first...we stopped and ate lunch at Pappas! Yummy!!

Ok, I know I'm odd...but I loved the menu with all the lights around the top. lol

Lots of cokes in glass bottles.

Kevin and Darla ordering lunch.

BBQ Chopped Beef stuffed baked potatoe! YUM!

I loved all the old signs they had all over the restaurant. So cool!

We stopped about half way through from Dallas to Shreveport and changed drivers. We found Dublin Dr. Pepper...and OH MY...this was my first time to try is definitely THE best!!!

After the visitation, most of the cousins went out to eat at Applebees. So much fun being together! This is Todd and Julie.

Paulette and Jeff

Nathan and Sandy

Benjamin, Victoria, and Bethany

Mason and Brianna

Kim and Kevin before we all "laid hands" on Kevin's salad. LOL

Me and my sister, Darla.

Brent, Benjamin, Benjamin, and Jared.

At the funeral home...she had a TON of beautiful flowers!

The flowers on top of the casket

The "white rose" was a symbol from Uncle Wayne...he called Aunt Bobbie his White Rose. So sweet!

Back in the family room after the funeral.
Ashlyn, Robyn & Jeff, and Mindy & Ken walking to the gravesite.
Family walking towards the gravesite

The family at the gravesite.

Kevin and Bro Dean doing the prayer at the gravesite


Some up close shots of all the beautiful flowers! So pretty!

I love this picture!!
My sweet Uncle Wayne and my cousin Paulette!

Kevin and Jeff...they look like they are in a serious conversation. lol

Uncle Wayne

Madeline...wearing Aunt Bobbie's hat.

Some of my niece Ashlyn, Dad & Mom, my sister Robyn, and I.
Me and "my Kevin" (cousin)
My sister Darla and I with our brother Jeff.

Afterwards we all went back to Bossier United Pentecostal Church for a wonderful good ole Southern meal that they prepared for us! Even the rolls are better in the South! ha!

Paulette with cousins: Charlene, MaLinda, and Michael

Paulette and Julie with Uncle Wayne, Me & Julie, and Julie & Todd.

Paulette with her brothers Kevin and Nathan, Darla and Paulette, and Kara & Mark.
Me and Daddio, Paulette and I, and Paulette and Dad!

Justin and Wendy, Michelle and Paulette, Paulette and Larry, Mindy and Ken
1. Michael found the prize Dr Pepper! lol 2. Lenae and Ashlyn 3. Zachary, Quinton, Lydia, and Luke and 4. Katelyn, Madison, and Lauren

1. Aunt Ruth Ann and Bethany, 2. Benjamin, and 3. Uncle Paul and Brianna

1. Uncle Paul with Great Aunt Mae, 2. Great Uncle Archie, and 3. Madeline and Victoria wearing Aunt Bobbie's (their gma) hat and shawl.

Sisters!! Robyn, Darla and I

1. Paulette and I, 2. Ken and I, 3. Me and Julie, and 4. Me and Charlene

1. Kara and I, 2. Charlene and Victoria, 3. Colin and Jeff, and 4. Mom, Larry, and Uncle Wayne

1. Me and Uncle Wayne, 2. Us again with Mom

Uncle Jerry, Kim, and Me

Ok...this is becoming a tradition with the four of us. lol This is my sisters Darla, Robyn and I and our cousin Ken...we look soo "sweet" in the first picture....but...then....there is our C R A Z Y side in the second picture! ha!!

1. Victoria and Darla, 2. Charlene and Mike, 3. MaLinda and Me, and 4. Victoria and I

1. Darla and Robyn, 2 and 3. Mom and Kevin playing the piano! For old times sake! We love singing around the piano! and 4. Ashlyn giving her Granddaddy Eskimo kisses!

The next few pictures are of Darla and I with Granddaddy before we left. I am so glad that we got to see him too while we were there!! I so heart him!!

Then Darla and I headed back to Dallas so I could drop her off at the airport, we did a little shopping then had lunch before I headed back to Kansas City! Can you beleive we didn't even stop to get Whataburger?! What is this world coming to?! ha!!

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