Monday, February 1, 2010

Louisiana, Part 2

I ended up having to go back to my Granddaddy's Saturday after I left because the weather was too bad in Arkansas...and even though I missed being at TLC on Sunday, I am glad that I got to spend another evening with my family. My family rocks! We had a HUGE dinner. Steak, Ribs, Hamburger, salad, rolls, purple hull peas, potato salad, pinto beans, chocolate pie, and peanut butter pie. I'm pretty sure that I missed something, but it was all SOUTHERN DELISH!!!

Pretty sure this was after dinner. LOL Granddaddy looks like he was about to take a snooze!

Looks like my Dad was about to join him! haha Everybody just "hangs out" and I love it!

My cousin Gordon in with the gang!

Playing a CRAZY game of MAD GAB with all the cousins! Oh my word. We had a BLAST! It was so funny hearing everyone get all got pretty intense at moments! LOL
This is Darla, Jared, Whitney, Aunt Virginia, and Andrea

Michael is in this one...

My turn to hold the cards while my team was guessing! They pretty much rocked, not gonna lie! :)

Cousins Pam and Shannon

Andrea, Rachel, Brittany, and Micaela trying their hardest to WIN! :)

Part of the WINNING team!! Micaela, Rachel, and Myself. Gordon, Andrea, and Brittany was also on our team...but not sure where they were when we took this picture. lol

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