Monday, February 15, 2010

My "ValentiMes" Gift

Sweet four year old Caedyn walks up to me at church last night, hands me my flower and says, "Here, Aunt Krista, Happy ValentiMes Day". hehe How precious is that?! My heart smiled...and I'm not gonna lie, it melted a little bit. ;)

Then last night after church, I watched Caedyn and Noelle while Justin took Crystal out on a surprise Valentines date...and when we got back to the house, I was playing with Caedyn...putting a puzzle together, and he looked up at me and says, "Aunt're my BEST friend. I love you. I'm so happy you're helping me. I am having so much fun!" That in it self is worth WAY more than a million$ could ever get me. I am so proud to be his "adopted" Auntie...and that goes for all my kiddos. :)


Mommy 2 One Angel said... sweet!! =) What a sweet boy! His parents are proud I'm sure!

Krista said...

They definitely are! :)