Sunday, February 21, 2010

TLC Vertical Praise at Victorious Life

This past Wednesday, TLC Vertical Praise was honored to be invited to Victorious Life P.A.W. church! It was such a blast! It was an awesome service! The Bishop did some awesome preaching and their musicians rocked!! It was such a great experience and everybody has been talking about it non-stop! Everyone loved it!
This is the front of the church
Their praise team had pre-service prayer Their musicians were rockin'! Victorious Life Choir This short video clip is a little blurry but this is Victorious Life Choir

Sleepy beautiful Noelle cuddling with Auntie Krista during church

TLC Vertical Praise rockin' it!!

TLC Musicians!!

Ok, I probably shouldn't have taken a picture during this time, but I couldn't help it...they seriously had the BIGGEST offering buckets I've ever seen! ha!

Bishop Horrace Smith preaching

As we were leaving we remembered to take a picture of the reserved parking spot they saved for Sis. Gleason! :)

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