Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter Fun!

Saturday was so much fun!! Michelle, Venita, and I decided that we were going to go play in the snow! It's been so cold and it's been snowing every other day and everybody was getting ancy and didn't want to be at home anymore. So...we decided to make the best of it and have fun! And thats what we did. It was a blast!! It ended up being 16 degrees outside...but its been in the negatives, so it felt warm....for the first 5 minutes. LOL We only lasted about 30 minutes I think before we were completely frozen. It took me over an hour to thaw out. lol

So we go outside, and the snow is up to our knees!

Michelle and I about to dig into the snow!

Goofy-ness! :)

Hey Look! The SUN decided to come out and play too!!

Michelle fell and was trying to get up! LOL

Us girls making our new fashion statements. LOL Yes, you can still be modest and warm at the same time! ha!

Michelle and I

Michelle and I about to make some snow angels! LOL Ready...Set...GO!

hahaha!!! I have no words for this picture! But it cracks me up!

Venita trying to go sledding....NOT on a hill! haha She did...go about half a foot! haha!!

Venita about to make a snow angel! Ready...Set...Go!

Venita kept trying to get up but kept falling back down and Michelle was trying to help her. LOL It was hilarious!

Ok, so I was trying to get an action picture...running and jumping up in the snow. The snow was so deep that you couldn't really tell.......THEN.....

....BAM!!!.....I fell FLAT on my FACE!! LOL It was so funny and we all 3 busted out laughing!

haha...I apparently had a hard time getting back up! LOL

I was so excited to get to my new home I just bought! ROFLOL

Yeah!! Finally got there!

Venita fell when she got to the house. Why is this so funny? We were all laughing at each other so it was was too funny...but hey, she did catch herself! LOL

Pretty sure, Michelle was the smart one here and didn't try to go in the house. haha

Time to go back inside!! We were completely numb by this point!

Oh man, that was so much fun! I hadn't played in the snow since I was a kid! Maybe next time we'll make a Frosty! :) It took us over an hour to completely thaw out. But it was worth it. So much fun!


Gayla said...

Looks like so much fun! It rarely snows here where I live, but the snow is just an hour's drive to the mountains and then I come back to where it is warm. Are you going on the cruise?

Krista said...

Hi Gayla! Oh girl..we had a blast!! Yes, we are going on the cruise...are you going?