Friday, January 1, 2010

The Kiddos Christmas Photo Shoot

I never got a chance to post some of the pictures from the kiddos Christmas photo shoot I did. The lighting wasn't very good the day we took them, but you get the idea of what we were trying to do. We did a candy shop theme. I LOVE it when the kids pose on their own..which they were definitely doing that day!! They're so stinkin' cute, but yeah...I'm partial! LOL Hope you enjoy! :)

Todd and Kate RAN to the door to look in! They were so excited!

They of course were loving every minute of it, because they got lots of sugar that day! LOL

Then we headed outside to take some pictures! I LOVE these ones of Katelyn!

And of course we have to get all three of them! :)

Then we walked down the street and found some other cool picture opportunities. :) I love exploring and seeing what you can find.

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