Saturday, April 9, 2011

Trendy Bliss: SNEAK PEAK

If you've been following my Facebook at all then you know that I've been working on a NEW LINE that I'm hoping to release soon!! I LOVE this new line!! It definitely puts me into the mood for SPRING and SUMMER! :)

I was hoping to get it released this weekend but I came down sick. You know...the whole achy, fever, getting chills thing? Its definitely not a fun weekend. Thankfully the fever is gone now though. But with that being said I'm getting caught up on getting things posted! Yippie! is what you've been waiting for....kind of! :) Here is a SNEAK PEAK!


Jennifer said...

LOVE! Thanks for the I'm anxious to see the rest of whatever this is....VERY cute!!!

Krista said...

Thanks!! Can't wait for it to get released!! :)