Saturday, April 23, 2011

Honduran Adventures: Saturday

Today was definitely just adventure!

After we picked Sarah up from the airport, we came back and met V's friend, Olga. We headed up into the mountains this afternoon and explored two quaint little towns. Valle de Angeles and Santa Lucia. Loved it!! It was definitely an interesting experience! It was quite the twist and turns to get up to where we were going. And at times was a little scary to say the least going around the curves. If we would of been any closer, I'm pretty sure we would have fallen off the cliff. You know there are no guardrails. Ok, so maybe that is an exaggeration but that's what it felt like. But nonetheless, the mountains were absolutely breathtaking!

Valle de Angeles was awesome! Quaint little town full of little shops! Yep, you guessed it. We shopped our little hearts out! That's what a girl has to do right? They had the most awesome city centre square! We experienced our first real Honduran meal today. Beef, Sausage, re-fried red beans, Honduran cheese (which was very salty), rice, and fried plantains! Oh, and can't forget the awesome tortillas and amazing lemonada!! In shopping today, I bought a straw hat and a hammock!!! Oh yeah! I just couldn't resist! I feel so Honduran today. LOL They have the coolest taxi cabs too! Wait until you see a picture!

Santa Lucia was a really cool little town, we mainly just drove through it and stopped to take a few pictures here and there. Oh, and we had to make an ice cream stop. It made our day complete. :) A lot of their roads were cobblestone and just made it a really neat experience!

A few things that I observed today:
  • It was nothing to see a donkey, horse, or chickens hanging out on the side of the road
  • We passed a pickup truck with 2 men and a BULL in the back. HA!!
  • Everyone talks to everyone!
  • Everyone kisses anyone and anything!
  • Tons of vegetable/fruit stands on the side of the road
  • Random huts with cooking stations cooking corn
  • Saw them make popusas! Yum! Can't wait to try one here!
  • When the men gotta go, they gotta go. All you gotta do is stop on the side of the road and take a potty break.
  • Women are not ashamed to breast feed their babies in public with no covering.
  • We tried some sort of corn drink today. That's okay. We don't need to experience that again. :)
  • Public restrooms are very few and far between. Nevertheless we found one today!
  • They don't have street signs. How do people know where to go? They say turn by the yellow house....there's 47 yellow houses?! ha!
  • Never in my LIFE would I have EVER thought I would wash my hands with "clean" water out of a trashcan!! LOL All you gotta do is dip the water out with a bowl, wash and rinse your hands and put the bowl back in the "clean" water! HA!!!
Oh my, it was a fun but interesting day. My brain is tired so this is it for now. If I think of anything else, I'll add it to the next post. :)

We will be leaving after church tomorrow, on a 7 hour bus ride, for Le Ceiba. Then going to our very own private island! Oh yeah! That's what I'm talking about! Can't wait to soak in some sun and sink my feet in some pure white sand!

We won't have internet access for most of this next week. I'll be sure and document our adventures and blog when we return to Venita's.

Hope you have a wonderful week! Happy Easter!!

Until next time!

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