Friday, April 22, 2011

Hello from Honduras!!

Hey everyone!! Just wanted to give a quick shout out from Honduras!! It's been quite the adventurous day!! Keep in mind that the last two nights combined I've only gotten 6 hours of sleep. Woke up 15 minutes before we had to leave the house this morning-so talk about rushing around! ha! I got to the airport and get up to security, and the security lady looks at me and says, "Did you just get married?" "Umm, No?" Why do people always ask me RANDOM questions?! HAHA!! So then, my friend Sarah was flying with me and something happened with her ticket (that's a whole 'nother story in and of itself) and she couldn't fly out until tomorrow. *sniff* So I'm sitting at the gate and the biggest thunderstorm ever rolled through and our plane is delayed for 30 minutes! Which means....we arrived in Houston and I had 15 minutes to get to my connecting flight. Seriously? I was 3 terminals away and that airport is HUGE!!! Pretty sure if I walked any faster, my legs would have fallen off. LOL I finally get to the gate and thankfully they had delayed the flight for about 30 minutes. Whew! So I finally make the flight! That was a relief!

So we land in Tegucigalpa, safely I might add. They have one of the shortest runways when they land and not go back up in the air...everyone claps! ha! And that they did...everyone clapped as we landed! Got off the plane, get the luggage, and head over to customs! Hmm now THAT I almost didn't make it through custom's because I didn't have Venita's address! OOPS! The lady said, "Miss, I HAVE to have an address!" "Um, I'm sorry but I don't have the address to my friends home, I know where she works, but don't have an address." With a big sigh and a heavy stamp on the passport, she thankfully let me though customs just fine!!! Yay!!

So with that being said, Venita was there with a big smile and a welcoming warm hug....Thank God for besties!! As we traveled to her house, I saw several guards standing on the street with the BIGGEST guns you've ever seen! HA!! No worries, we're safe! :)

Now, we're hanging out at Venita's before we head to go downtown! They have a big cultural event going on this afternoon that we're going to be apart of! Yippie!

So, just wanted to say hi and update you on this crazy adventurous day!! I'll update when I can!

Until next time!! :)


Shannon Marie Haggard said...

Have fun! Make sure you take alot of pictures for your blog! Tell Venita Hi from me, I miss that girl! :)

Krista said...

Thanks! We're getting a lot of pictures! Just can't upload them until we return to the states. I'll tell Venita you said hi!