Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday in Honduras

Last night, I went to bed with a lot of things on my mind and just thinking about the day. Seems like I just tossed and turned all night, and awake every hour. I finally decided to get up at about 6:15ish and get a shower before everyone else got up. Thank You Jesus I did. Because a few minutes after I was finished...

...the electricity and water went out!!

I feel like a missionary today.

Can you imagine 3 Pentecostal girls trying to get ready for church with no electricity and no running water?! happened! lol All I can say is Thank You Jesus it's back on now that we are home from church!

Church was an experience! But it was awesome! You could feel the presence of God and they really love to worship God! Everyone was so friendly and made us feel very welcome! Lots of pictures and videos to come after we get back to the states.

We're about to leave for La Ceiba, via a 7 hour bus ride. Then we're headed to our own private island tomorrow!!

We won't have internet access all week, so won't be able to post anything.

Hope yall have a wonderful week! We gotta go! Gotta go soak up some's Vitamin D right?! hehe Oh, and take in some clear Caribbean waters and some pure white sandy beaches!!!


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