Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring has Sprung!!

I love spring time!! I love to see all the trees starting to bud and get the most gorgeous flowers on them! Don't get me wrong...I love winter time but after 6 months of being cold, bundled up, and all the bare trees...I only dreamed of wearing flip flops, tshirts, getting a much needed tan, and basking in the SUN!

I LOVE seeing the SUN shine...

...and the GREEN grass!!

This is our backyard. It's flat for about 20 feet then goes straight UP. Once you're at the top, you can see the neighbors driveway across the street, over our house! lol
And I LOVE red-bud trees! This is a Dogwood tree that is in our back yard. Yep, its the state flower...and its beautiful! So if you haven't been able to get out and enjoy the sunshine it! You won't regret it! :) Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

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