Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's 'that' Feeling: Update!

Can't believe its that time again! There really hasn't been much going on since the post last week. My time has been pretty much consumed either by work, church, or going to the gym. Haven't had much free time other than that. We've been going to the gym at least 3 times a week.

So, for my update this week: We met for our free fitness orientation at the gym last night! Which means...we met with a Personal Trainer for an hour! I honestly have to say, I loved it!! Kris was her name...and she was fab! We first met with her and went over some important health info, what workouts we've been doing, etc...then she went around and wrote out a workout routine for us to do! It was wonderful! We learned so many different machines and what they were for...and let me tell you...we found some muscles we didn't even know existed! LOL

I'm very excited about this new workout routine and will have to let you know how it is going, next week! Right now, I'm feeling GREAT and can already tell a big difference!! Kris encouraged us SO much last night!!! So to return the favor, let me encourage you as she did us. If you are out there and you WANT to make a difference in your own life or you WANT to meet those personal goals you've set, just know that you CAN accomplish them!! We have control over our body and if we set our minds to do it, we CAN get there!! I have personal evidence! Two friends of mine, Susan and Melissa, made up their mind last spring and they have acheived many if not almost all of their goals!! They look amazing and have come so far!!! They inspired me so much!! So just know that YOU CAN do this!!

I trust that yall are having a wonderful week!!

Until next time...

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