Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's a Blizzard!!

I got up yesterday morning anticipating the crazy storm that was headed our way...and this is what gives us! A BLIZZARD! We've had some crazy bad snow storms but its been a LONG time since we've had a Blizzard! (Or a "lizzard" as my Bubby Bradyn calls it. hehe)

The drive to work wasn't so bad...but it was getting so bad that our office closed at 1:00...that NEVER happens! So this is what I had to drive home in! Everything was GRAY! Took me almost an hour and a half to get home where it usuall only takes about 30 minutes. The roads weren't cleaned at ALL and thought I was going to get stuck several times! I fish-tailed ALL the way home. Seriously don't think I've ever been THAT scared while driving in the snow. Scary! The windgusts were around 40mph I was totally crazy! But *thankful* got home safe with NO problems! :)

This morning, we got a SNOW DAY!! Yippie!!! That NEVER happens unless we make our own. LOL The sky is so pretty and blue and the SUN is shining bright!! I LOVE snow...but was getting my "fill" of it...but I have to is SO beautiful outside!!! Just *thankful* I get to stay in today and enjoy it from the inside all snuggled up! :)

Here are a few pics from our house...

From our front door. You can see all the snow drifts! We got somewhere close to 15 inches, plus the 4-5 inches that was left from the previous snow storm a week ago!

The view in between our cars!

The view from the back porch. Oops looks like we forgot to cover the grill. lol
Back porch.....there is a pretty big (empty) flower pot that is totally covered! lol

The view from the back yard...we have an awesome hill for sledding....anyone in?? :)

Mom's car...

Dad and I decided to brave it outside for a bit before our neighbor lets us use his snow blower! *thankful*

This my the ROUGH and COLD look! LOL Notice that you can't even see the boots I was wearing!

I love this pic of my Dad!! He's definitely looking spiff in his bright orange hat! LOL

Dad again saying, "I HATE snow!" LOL

I'm trying to upload a couple of videos I took on my phone...stay tuned!

Enjoy your day everyone!

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