Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Midnight Dazzle: Photo Shoot

The real photo shoot pics will come in a minute but first...I must entertain you. LOL I can't remember exactly what happened but something was said that made Andrea grab some of my Mom's Victorian decor and pose with it. LOL

But....then.....she made Venita and I dress up too. LOL

haha!!! Ok yeah...pretty sure you all got a laugh at that! lol

Now for the real photo shoot! lol We had so much fun! Seriously. It was such a wonderful time getting to bring in the new year with great friends!!

Venita waiting on her New Years kiss! LOL

We're not weird at all! LOL

haha! These pictures make me laugh everytime I look at them! LOL

We're normal again. LOL


Sooo....serious. LOL

And thats all folks. Hope you were at least able to get a little laughter through this! :)


Izzy said...

These pics are too cute!! I miss my Drea SO MUCH!!!!! Thanks for posting these, they made me laugh. They are adorable. Looks like y'all had a lot of fun!

Krista said...

Thanks girl! She was keeping us laughing thats for sure! Glad you got a little laugh out of them! :)