Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Gym.A Goal

Well folks...(woah that is the Southern coming out in me) I finally did it! I signed up at the gym last night! Pretty sure I just signed my life away. LOL I'm excited though because I really think this will help me toward my "Getting fit-Getting Healthy" goal! My friend Sarah and I have been wanting to do this together but we live 45 minutes apart so we decided to meet in the middle after work. we are! I've been working out to dvd's at home and hopefully this will change the scenery a little bit and help achieve the goal a little faster! So needless to say, I'm excited! A special shout out to my friends Susan and Melissa for helping inspire me to reach this goal! I'm so proud of these girls and everything they've accomplished so far! *cheers to getting healthy!*

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!


Mom2One said...

Proud of you. This post reminded me that I need to cancel my membership and start working out more with DVD's. To each it's own right. =) I completely miss your face. Seriously. If you lived here I'd SO be your gym buddy and I'd LOVE every minute of it! Good luck friend!! Proud of you for living healthier. Once again, I'm inspired by you!

Krista said...

Awe thanks friend! DVD's are awesome to work out too!! I'm planning on continuing to workout to those too but its so much better to have a "gym buddy". Girl...I would LOVE to be your gym buddy...wish we lived closer together. Love you!!