Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's 'that' Feeling!

At the name of the post, you're probably wondering what this is all about. As you may know from a previous post, one of my goals this year (and every year) is to "Get Fit.Get Healthy" and in the process work on shedding some unwanted poundage. Yeah yeah, we all want to loose that extra poundage right?! My sister, Robyn, and I have been trying to keep each other accountable to make sure we are eating healthy and working out. She recently found some very inspirational blogs about true success stories and how people "went public" with their goals and it helped keep them on track...while I was reading them, it made me want to get up and work out right.then.and.there. :)

So that is exactly what I'm doing...'gone public'...about my "Get Fit.Get Healthy" goal! All I ask is that you (no matter who you are) help keep me accountable! That is one reason why I'm blogging for the world to see is so I can have extra accountability! THIS is the year, right?! :)

I'll give updates as I can...and be 'real' about it....for being REAL is the ONLY way to go, right?! :) I'm NOT blogging about this to brag but simply as accountability. :)

So here it is...
I've been doing my workout dvd's at home since the first week of January...a little off and on...trying to get in the swing of things. After the holidays it was a little hard to break those crazy holiday eating habits. But through the last two weeks, I've gotten more and more determined to reach this goal.
I've worked myself up to 1 hour-1.5 hours workout 6 days a week. Well, last week was 5 days but I would say that is still pretty good. :) Last week I lost 2.5 pounds! It's not much, but its a start. Last Monday, my friend Sarah and I decided to venture out and join a gym! I'm not going to lie...I was excited, yet nervous. I don't like working out in front of people. I seriously had knots in my stomach. ha! But we got through all that. My goal with the gym is to go 2-3 times a week with Sarah...and on the other days to still workout with my dvd's at home. This way it gives a variety and won't get "bored" with it as much.

We've been to the gym a couple times this week and we are having a Fitness Orientation next week-so I'll be sure to keep you updated. It was much easier today and even tried a new machine, the elliptical. Woah...yeah that REALLY works every muscle you didn't know existed. But it felt good.

I can already tell a difference just from the last two weeks!! 'That' GREAT!! I am so not a morning person but I almost look forward to them in the early mornings now! :)

Well...with that being said...pretty sure I just wrote a I must go before I completely bore you to tears. ha! I truly hope that if you are trying the "Get Fit.Get Healthy" goal...that this will inspire you to keep it going!

Until next time!


Mom2One said...

I totally need to get motivated and kick it in high gear. I have a feeling when we go hiking next time you're here you're going to LEAVE ME IN THE DUST. LOL Miss you!

Krista said...

haha I'm not so sure about leaving you in the dust. LOL Miss you too!