Sunday, August 8, 2010

TLC "LIVE in the CITY"

Well, it's been a little over a week since I last posted's been a really busy week, so bear with me while I get this caught up with everything thats been going on around here lately. :)

July 31st was an awesome success as TLC had our "Live in the City" event held at Theis Park, near The Plaza in Kansas City. It was AMAZING!! A great BIG Thank You goes out to Pete and Ella Olsen and their team for putting such a wonderful event together. It was great success and we had quite a few visitors come out to see what The Life Church was all about!
**Pre-warning: This will be a lengthy post**

Some of TLC's members socializing and listening to whatever was going on at the stage at the moment.

Bro Gohdes, Bro Worth, and Bro Tinsley hanging out at the Prayer Tent

Hot-Dogs and Sno-Cones!

Jeff hanging out at the Ministry Stations

Kids Corner!

TLC's "Life Ride" Ministry

Bro Bellamy, Jared, Justin, and Chris

Justin- our music minister!

Pastor Gleason welcoming us and saying a prayer before everything started

Bro McDaniel...our awesome MC'er

Puppets for the kids!

Part of TLC Vertical Praise Worship Team

Hanging out and enjoying the music and each others company while welcoming the guests that came

Half of the Worship/Music Team: Ragen, Jared, Me, Jeff, Riss, and Robert.

The other half: Robert, Jared, Andrea, Chris, Crystal, Nicole, and Justin

Nicole on the 2nd keyboard and Jared on the drums

Worship/Music Team...what a great experience to be apart of!

Worshipping in the park!

Pastor Gleason sitting by his sister Pam, and mingling with other people from TLC

Hanging out getting ready to sing again...we all look was so hot out. This is Ragen, Me, Robert, and Crystal.

Enjoying each others company!

Another smiling TLC member!

Bro Larry Carter ministered with guitar.

Friends! Getting ready to sing for choir...Alveon, Riss, Nicole, Reegan, Belinda, and Rachael

TLC Vertical Praise Choir! "Heaven on Earth"....I LOVE Vertical Praise!!!

Crystal directing choir!

Byron on the bass and Jared on the drums

The Lifehouse Skit..."Everything"

The next 2 pictures are POWERFUL!!! We don't need the things of this world!!

Thank You Jesus!!

So thankful for God's grace!

The last thing we did was the "Cardboard Testimony" was powerful and we felt the presence of God so strong....even in the park! It was amazing! This brings tears to my eyes everytime!!

Pastor Gleason ended it with prayer and there were many that felt the presence of God right there in the park! Such a sweet presence of the Lord there.

Pastor giving an encouraging word

Worshipping God right in the park! So glad we have the freedom to worship Him wherever we want!

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