Sunday, August 8, 2010

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

This afternoon after church we decided to go to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. It is such a cool building! We didn't have much time before they closed, so maybe we'll go back again soon...but here are a few pictures that I took. It is so beautiful inside...all marble and room after room filled with many different types of art. Enjoy!

Front view of the Museum

I love the huge badmittens there!

At the top of the steps at the museum looking back the very end is Theis Park.

The view as soon as you walk into the lobby of the museum

I love this picture!!!

Bethany and Ashlyn having a great time. lol

This is art? Really? Pretty sure we could do something like this and call it art. Just sayin. lol

So I've come to realize that I LOVE chandaliers!!

This is the Rozelle Court restaurant that is in the Museum....I am SO in LOVE with this European style! I can NOT wait to go eat here!!! Oh my word!

As we were leaving, had to get this one last view! What an amazing place!

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Mom2One said...

I love Sunday afternoon trips to the museum. We used to do that often when I was a kid. David and I would BEG mom and dad to take us to the museum on "Free Sundays". (First Sunday of the month) What a great way to make memories with your family! =) Miss you LOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!