Monday, September 21, 2009

Missing Minnesota...

Well, I'm back home from Minnesota now. I didn't get a chance to blog any other time while I was there. We had so much fun, just being together, and I miss the Sanders so bad! They are my second family! I definitely miss being in Minnesota. We were in the car Friday night driving around Downtown Minneapolis so I could take some pictures, and Owen kept saying, "Krista, I am SO glad that you had us do this, I am having SO MUCH FUN!!" lol Then he said, "MOM, Krista is like our FAMILY!!" It definitely melted my heart!!! Little Declynn is such a little trip! He is so adorable!!! He definitely melted my heart too! Friday night, Trish was trying to get him to go to sleep, then he would raise up and grunt and point at me...then he took a few steps towards me and snuggled right up to me for several minutes. It was so sweet! I had a lot of fun and I definitely wish I was still there. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
Every time you would ask Declynn if he wanted a bite, he would open his mouth wide open and stick his tongue out! LOL

Owen showing me his Dad's pictures...

Giddy up Horsey!

There was a beautiful sunset when we left the restaurant Friday night! We had the BEST steak from Texas Roadhouse! Yummy!

Sweet and Silly Boys!!

Then we went and I got to see their church! It is a beautiful building!! It is so exciting to hear all the great reports! God is definitely doing a great work!

While Owen was playing the drums and singing me his new song that he wrote...

Declynn decided that he wanted to walk with Grandma!! He is so cute when he tries to take steps!

Then outside it is to play some ball with O.T.

Then Tim, Trish, Momma Smalley, O.T., and Declyn and I went downtown so that I could take some pictures of downtown Minneapolis! :)
This is the bridge that collapsed Downtown Minneapolis several years ago...

This is the Stone Arch Bridge

Some more shots of Downtown Minneapolis!

Saturday Morning, I met some of my other awesome friends for breakfast at Perkins! Hey, I only got lost one time! Thank God for google directions! :) I had a great time being with Raemi and Janelle, I only wish I had more time with them. But, they are great friends! Love yall!

Later Saturday afternoon, Trish, Momma Smalley and I went running around, then later we all went to Stillwater, Minnesota to this awesome older area. We ate at the Freight House!

After lunch, we went walking around a little bit...loved this area! It was so beautiful!! I couldn't believe they had gondolas! It was so cool!

This is Tim, Trish, Owen, and Declynn

Me and Momma Smalley!

Me and Trish!!

On the way back to the house we stopped at a little place outside of Stillwater, MN where we got some really good ice cream! On the way home, Momma Smalley was trying to feed Declynn...and he kept opening his mouth really wide again and we were so cracking up! Then he saw I had my camera out, and he started hamming it up for the camera! He would look over at his Grandma--then he would cut his eyes over at me and give me a HUGE smile! lol He is so adorable!

Before I left, I just had to have another picture with both of my boys!!

And to end it all...there was a beautiful sunset on the way home.

Now, can I please go back??!! And stay a little longer??!!? :)

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