Saturday, May 30, 2009

St. Louis Shoe

Last weekend I went to St Louis to help my sister to finalize some things for the girl's birthday party that we're throwing. But when we got into town, we were driving around after dinner and saw this huge shoe! I instantly fell in love! It was a huge metal shoe that was made out of a ton of little shoes. So of course I had to get my picture taken with it! :) Yep, pretty much love at first sight. LOL

Then, I decided that I needed to get INSIDE the shoe! Yep, pretty much crazy, not gonna lie. IT HURT! LOL And the whole shoe was shaking! I'm surprised they didn't have a alarm on it when people get inside and tell you to get out! haha! But it was fun nonetheless. My brother was taking the picture and he was just cracking up! Hey, at least we humored ourselves, right? haha

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