Thursday, May 7, 2009

Call us jokesters...

"Shannon and THE tie" LOL

So, while we were in Greece...Melodie, Sarah, Jen, and I decided that we were going to have some fun and send our friend, Shannon, a present from Greece. We know that he just missed us dearly so we decided that he would never forget NOT going on the trip. LOL We were walking down in the old town on the island of Rhodes, Greece...we were in a crazy mood and having so much fun when we just happened to come up to a rack of "crazy" ties at this random store. They had some crazy looking ties on this rack and we were laughing so hard. lol So, we found this tie that had American money all over it and we were cracking up...and decided to buy it as a joke for Shannon. LOL We wrapped it up all nice and put a note in it that read something like, "We just wanted to buy you a little souvenier from Greece that could help you start saving money for next years trip". LOL But much to our surprise, Shannon has actually worn this tie a couple times. LOL

So here is to our friend....and the PROOF that he actually wore it to church!!! LOL

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