Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Road Trip to Indy, Part 1

Last weekend I met some friends in Indianapolis!! IBC Music Fest was going on and I had a lot of friends that were singing in one of the featured choirs so we all decided to make a weekend out of it! Can't beat that, right?! Friday night IBC hosted their annual Music Fest! There were several groups that were featured and they all did a fantastic job! Cortt Chavis is excellent-e

Rockin' the house! This little guy was 5 years old and did SO GOOD on the drums!!! FAC (First Apostolic Church of Maryville, TN) totally ROCKED the house!! So, I'm a little partial because this is the choir that all my friends sang in! But seriously....they are AMAZING!! Oh, look! You can listen to them sing on this clip! :) FAC! Xample! IBC Choir and Chorale! Friends! Sara and Sarah! Hanging out and talking to friends after the concert! Tracy, Jeremy, Rachel, and Shannon! Julie hanging out lookin 'purty'! My friend Shannon and I Tracy, Julie, and Sara Sarah, Me, and Rachel To be continued...

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