Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's 'that' Feeling: Update

Oopsie! Looks like I missed a week. So here it is for the last two weeks! :) Pretty sure that this is probably the most boring posts ever...but thanks for humoring me and reading them anyways. LOL

Last week was a little rough. We had some c r a z y intense weather that included a BLIZZARD so it was hard to get to the gym. I did try my best to get the workouts done at home. Weigh in was awesome though!! So far...I've lost 10 pounds and 2-3 inches! Yippie!

This week I have totally been off of my routine. We've had company in our home the first of the week...which means late nights and early mornings. That doesn't quite mix so much anymore. ha! Is that really what turning 30 does to you?! LOL So its been another rough week with getting the time to workout...but I'm determined to get back on schedule! Because its 'that' feeling that makes you feel sooo good!

I'm really loving the workouts at the gym! Who would've known?! Me, of all people, is loving lifting weights! Yeah, you heard me right....I am LOVING it! It makes your muscles feel so good!! I'm so thankful I have a friend to go with!!

Well, thats pretty much it for the last couple of weeks! *cheers* Here's to the next week of getting back on schedule! :)

Hope yall are having a wonderful week!

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