Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Royce Wilson @ TLC...

Our church just recently ended Forty Days of Fire! Or as Pastor says...Fiyah! It has been an incredible journey for our church! We ended this in revival services with Bro Royce Wilson. An incredible man of God! God used him in a mighty way! All the services have been beyond amazing but one the one service that will always stick out to me was lasts nights service. He preached on worship. We have the POWER to change the atmosphere around us! No matter what the situation in our life or in our circle, we can CHANGE it! Even the thought of worship can help change a situation.

"When we clap, run, dance or however we choose to worship...that is an expression of worship. We can't limit worship to certain expressions. We have to be careful that we don't feed off one another's energy and worship the expressions of what used to be authentic worship and now is the source and gauge of "good church." There should be diverse moves of God,... like just sitting quietly, speechless, in the presence of God, letting it soak in." -Royce Wilson

I am just in awe of God and what He is doing. My heart is overwhelmed. May God help me to always have worship in the fore-front of my mind so we can always worship Him!! No matter what comes our way-He is always worthy of our WORSHIP!!

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