Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I trust that yall had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I had a wonderful time with my family in Louisiana! I LOVE going to my Granddaddy's house and getting to spend time with family we only see once or twice a year. We have SOO much to be thankful for!

The first day I was there, we all went out to Mammaw's gravesite. I don't ever like to miss a chance to "visit" my sweet Mammaw. I miss her so much! I got some extra hugs out of the deal too..from my sweet Granddaddy!

I don't like this picture of me but I love that Mom caught him kissing me. I so heart him!

Mammaw's gravesite...I miss her sooooo much!

Mom and Dad at the gravesite.

After the gravesite, we got to visit with Auntie Jo! She is technically my 2nd cousin, but we call her Auntie. Love her to death!

Bella came to visit her Uncle Bubba!! She is so her little smile!

My cousin Alysia thought that Dad looked like the guy off of Mr. Incredible LOL

Dad was apparently feeling his wheaties that day! LOL This is him with my cousin Brittney!

My cousin Alysia and I!!

Me with Bella and Jessica before they left...

Saying goodbyes...

Alysia and her Uncle Bubba...priceless!

Me and my cousin Brittney

Me and Aunt of my Dad's 6 sisters! lol

Me with Granddaddy before I left town. I miss him already but so glad I got to spend time with him!

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