Thursday, October 8, 2009

General Conference 2009

W.O.W. All I can say is St Louis will never be the same after last week! The services were absolutely amazing!!! There was a total of 723 people that got the Holy Ghost and I believe 60-70 that was baptized!! There was a man that had to wear a neck brace for a very long time and he was healed!! Then on Sunday night at the crusade, there were 2 deaf people that got the Holy Ghost. One of them, when he got the Holy Ghost, he got his hearing back!!!!!! Our God is an AWESOME God!!! On a not so spiritual note, we had an absolute BLAST!! Words can not describe how much fun we had! We made so many memories that I will never forget! Well, I'm sure none of us will ever forget! LOL I have a lot of pictures to post, so bear with me :)
This is Bro Haney, the UPCI General Superintendent as he preached that night. Sorry its a bit blurry.

This is the view from where we sat the first night.

This is a little blurry since the lighting was so weird, but this is my neices and nephew. Todd, Katelyn, and Ashlyn--I loved all their outfits! :)

LOL Really?? They welcomed us on a beer sign???? HAHA!!

As seen on FB...and all my posts about this...these are all the shoes that made it in my suitcase...barely! LOL Such a crisis, I tell ya! HA!!

This is Shannon and I...a really good friend of mine!

This is Jeremy, Shannon, and I...Jeremy is a new friend that I met through Shannon at GC, but he's a great friend! Btw...thanks guys for protecting me! :)

These are my girls, Christina and Isis

View from where we were sitting Friday night, Awesome service!!!

I am SOOO glad that I got to see one of my best friends, Dorenda and her baby Nessie at GC! Ren, I love ya girl and I am SO glad that we finally got to meet up even if it wasn't for long. I miss you! Nessie melted my heart when she came running up to me and called me by name. So sweet!! Such a beautiful little girl...she looks like her Mommy! :)

My girls Venita and Sarah!!! We always have a blast together!

Eating at TGIFridays!

Me and Jeremy!

Hanging out in the hotel lobby! So much fun!!

W.O.W. thats what it is...LOL

Chesh...I do believe you're the one that started, W.O.W. LOL

The gang hanging out downtown!! Oh man, that was so much fun!!

Sarah having FUN! hahaha Then she decided to pull me into it! LOL Good times!

Jeremy immitating Sarah LOL

Ty when he almost fell!!! HAHA!! It was so funny and I'm sure it doesn't have anything to do with the rootbeer on the floor LOL Oh gotta love 2am moments! LOL

I stole this picture, but I love it!! Crystal, Gin, and Melody!! Love these gals!

Ok, this pic was also taken at 2 am and we were acting a little crazy...LOL But this was a must picture...THE famous TIE! LOL Sarah and I got this for Chesh while we were in Greece as a JOKE, but he wears it! ROFLOL!!

Gotta love the "after-service comfort style" LOL

Pastor Gleason and Sis Gleason!! I LOVE then!!

My neice Katelyn and nephew Todd got to sing in the Children's choir! :) I had a proud Auntie moment! :) You can only see Todd in this pic, Kate was behind the pulpit.

Pastor Gleason ROCKING it!!!! I LOVE hearing him preach!!

Me and Jo!! A friend of mine from Minnesota! It was SO good to get to see her again!

Chesh and I...and Christina and I before the Sunday night service!

Sunday Night Holy Ghost Crusade!! There was almost 9,000 people in attendence!!

Jeremy loving Jesus!

Full arena pictures during alter! Thanks Chesh for getting these!

Part of the gang...Our last time together, for awhile. :(

For some reason, Chesh took a picture of Sarah and I in the street? LOL We were saying our last good byes! :( I hated leaving everyone...

Good Bye St Louis


Mommy 2 One Angel said...

LOVE these pics!!! The one with my brother in law in it is just adorable. Golly, makes me miss him!!! Next GC we'll try to make it. I miss hanging out.

Krista said...

Awe, thanks!! I miss hanging out too! That would be awesome if you got to go to the next GC! :)